Some final thoughts on Australia

Each and everyday I noticed something different or unique that set Australia apart from Canada. Things that would catch my eye or spark my interest… Here are 20 realizations off the top of my head… Australia doesn’t have baby carrots. Australi… Continue reading


Final Goodbyes in Australia.

With time in Australia very limited, goodbyes that I never thought would ever happen had to begin. It is hard to believe that in a 5 month period how much you can really get to know people on a personal level. From those I have met over my travels… Continue reading


What do two canadian girls do when they have approaching exams in Australia? …
Take an overnight trip to Bendigo with Basil! 

Last Sunday, Basil came and picked Insia and I up at the “Canadian Embassy” and we made our way to Bendigo. We took the “scenic” route and stopped in Dayleford & drove through Castlemaine. We remembered that we had been the Daylesford before by Insia recognizing one of the bakeries that we went to. Typical haha. 

After grabbing lunch and an awful Turkish Delight cheesecake in Daylesford, we continued out journey to Bendigo. 

Once we arrived in Bendigo, we got the warmest welcome ever. His parents are absolute gems. It was the most amazing feeling to be in a real home with parents for the first time in over 5 months. We went out back where his dad’s woodshop was located, and he was working away on some of his projects. Basil’s dad is a wood worker, and he makes some beautiufl pieces. His latest and coolest projects are these earring holders. We were able to score one each to bring home. 

When we made our way back into the house, we were offered quite a selection of treats and sweets. Basil’s parents are once again amazing people.

Niceeeee face Basil 🙂

After shoving our faces with all the food we were offered, we headed out for a short city tour before grabbing dinner at the local pub with his parents. 


On top of “Mickey Mouse”/”Make out point” with Insia. hahaha 

This place has an amazing view of the entire city. The cathedral is the focal point, and at night it is light up beautifully. 

I briefly mentioned that I had never had a “chicken parma” before and all jaws dropped. Apparently a chicken parma is a classssssic dish that has to be consumed before heading home. What a better time to get one then. 

It was everything and more that I imagined. They serve it on a bed of “chips” and it comes smothered in cheese and tomato sauce. It was so delicious, but I couldn’t finish it. Basil told me about a dish called the Parmageddon. Apparently it is the world’s largest chicken parma, and his friends have attempting to finish it before. The sound of it makes me nauscious. I also discovered a new obsession with the game Keno. We all pitched money and you are able to gamble from your table. Super fun 🙂

After dinner, we ventured out into the city some more and Basil showed us this Chinese Lotus Flower. We saw it more as a climbing apparatus than anything else. 


Wild childs.

Basil’s parents were so amazing to Insia and I. His mother had the electric blanket all ready for us when we got home. This blanket is the closest thing to heaven ever. We didn’t turn it off all night. It was one of the best sleeps I have ever had in my entire life. 


Bendigo was such a great break from being at Canada House. Canada House can get really lonely at times as we are so secluded from the city, and are in such a “dull” neighbourhood. It was amazing to get out of Melbourne for the night and be in a home. It gave us the push to make it through the week ahead of us. We woke up the next morning bright and early, to make it back to Melbourne to start studying for the 2 exams that were the following days. Studying the day before a cumulative final exam probably wasn’t the smartest idea, but YOLO in Melbourne, Australia… so I have to take advantage of everything as it comes! School isn’t the priority. Sorry parents. I forgot I was here for school a WHILE back. 

Thanks for everything Basil and family! Your hospitality was amazing, and we can’t express our appreciation enough for everything you did for us!