More than just a pair of runners.

One of the hardest things I had to do before leaving Australia, was not packing my running shoes that had been with me my entire exchange. Other than myself, they are the only thing that has touched ground on ever single destination that I reached… Continue reading


Tick tock tick tock here goes my Australia clock

Reality Check… one week until I return back home to Canada. I can remember back in January thinking that this day would never ever come. One week… 7 days… 168 hours… no matter how you say it… it really isn’t much time. With the one week … Continue reading

the packing has begun…

Plain and simple… I have started packing up my entire life into 3 suitcases.

Thank goodness Georgia and Hayley brought home a bunch of my stuff or I would be overweight in all of my suitcases. It is crazy to compare how much Insia is bringing home (1 bag) compared to the 3 I am bringing home. Either she didn’t buy anything when she was here… or I bought/brought WAYYY to much…

I am in complete denial with the fact I am leaving, and trying to avoid packing as much as I can.