Skydivingggg…. third times a charm? … NOPE

Obviously when one goes on exchange in Australia it is necessary to jump 14000ft out of a plane. Building up the courage to skydive is hard the first time… having to do it three times is even harder. I have had three skydives cancelled due to bad weather while in Australia. Rainbow Beach it was raining. Byron Bay apparently it was too windy and wasn’t safe. Sydney was rainy as well and it is apparently feels like daggers are hitting your back if you skydive in the rain… so it was probably a good decision to not jump. 

Is having three skydives cancelled a sign? Should I not project my Canadian self out of a plane? … NOPE… You only live once. Time to rebook this skydive in Melbourne. I’ve been living here for the last 4 months and I suppose it is an appropriate place to fly over and get an amazing view of my home. The good news about skydiving in Melbourne is that my roomie Insia is joining me 🙂 Not going down alone!


Living on edge in the land down under. 


Pancho villa night…

The infamous pancho villa night that had been planned for a couple months had finally arrived! After a long stressful, exhausting week of “classes” it was time for a night out on the town! The Canada House girls have been having quite a full house the last week with the concentration of Canadians increasing by 3. Georgia, Hayley and Marise had been enjoying there week in Melbourne, and Pancho Villa night was the last night we all had together before they headed off to their East Coast trips! 

At 7 o’clock sharp we headed to Taco Bills, and made ourselves at home for a few hours. 


We each ordered a Pancho Villa for ourselves… those things are deadly. Georgia got the Fruit Tingle and Hayley got …. some other kind that was delicious.


Tijuana Treasure for me 🙂


Marise and I w/ the Pancho Villas. Yum Yum Yum.


Cute mexican hats!


Goodbye Pancho Villas… the night continued at The Mersh where we met up with some of the Monmouth crew who go close to every Friday night. No need for drinks at the bar… these Pancho Villa’s have heaps! Another fab night out on the town – missed partying with Georgia and Hayley.


Was it destiny or luck?

Wednesday May 16th 2012.

Wake up. Eat breakfast. Finish Phys Ed. in Adolescents powerpoint. Go to gym. Sweat like a mad women. Go to Phys Ed Class. Presentation. Eat. Coffee. Shop. Peter Pans Shenanigans. Come home. Dinner…

Sounds like a pretty typical day. Yes that was my day today but I also did something I haven’t had to do in a really long time. Something not so typical. Something very foreign to me that I havent had to deal with in over 4 months. 

Destiny. On May 1st/12 I had the pleasure of welcoming Marise V into my home in Australia without even meeting her in the first place. Apprehensive at first, as to if this whole situation would work out. As I approached Newport Station to pick her up, a smile caught my eye, and it was Marise. As soon as we began to talk I knew that this friendship wasn’t just luck. 

I have never been able to click with someone so fast. As a backpacker, you have to have the ability to be open to meeting new people all the times, which made it so much easier for us to get along. 

The time she spent in Melbourne with me and my 2 best friends, Georgia and Hayley (who also ADORE Marise) was awesome. It was so nice to finally be the tour guide. The one with all the background information, the one with all the cool places to explore, the knowledgeable?… local. 

After a few days in Melbourne, Georgia, Hayley and Marise made their way up the East Coast for some other tours and trips, and they have all come back to me this week. 

Tonight, I unfortunately had to say goodbye to Marise (first real goodbye since leaving Canada) as she had finished her time in Australia, after an amazing 3 weeks here. It was crazy to think we had only met each other 2 weeks prior to tonight.

Marise is truly incredible, she is one of those friends that you want in your life. Always a bundle of fun, and she has such a positive attitude all the time which really made me put into perspective things that are going on with me. With only 3 weeks under her belt with travelling, and her wanting more, made me realize how lucky I have been to have over 5 months of being resident in Auz.


Going to miss my Brazilian Nut ❤ 

With only about 4 weeks or so left in my Australian Storybook, it is crunch time. Trip planning and bookings were all confirmed today while at Peter Pans and it looks like an amazing future for me in Australia. To wrap up this incredible experience I have already had while being away, my itinerary is as follows:


  • 19th – Phillip Island Penguin Parade Tour
  • 23rd, 24th, 25th, 29th, 30th – Sydney
  • 26th, 27th, 28th – Byron Bay (skydiving – 28th) & Nimbin Tour (27th)
  • 31st – Online Nutrition Final Exam


  • 1st – 5th – Outback (Alice Springs, Uluru (Ayers Rock), Kings Canyon, Olgas, Camel Rides)
  • 5th – Insia B-day/Clare’s goodbye celebrations, 
  • 12th – Growth Final Exam
  • 13th – Resistance Training Final Exam
  • 14th – 20th – Window for potential flight home 😦

Well that’s that. I can officially in a few lines map out the rest of my trip. The end is coming. Finito. Where the heck has the time gone? 

Tonight was the first taste of the many Australian goodbye’s I’d be doing in June. As hard as it was to say goodbye in Canada – I knew I would see those who I love, and those who REALLY matter, and those worthy of sticking around will always be there. 

Saying goodbye in Australia to all the Internationals and Australians brings on serious mixed emotions – what are the actual chances I will see them again within the next 10… 15…. 20… or 50… years? 

Time to live everyday like it is my last. YOLO.


Queen Victoria Market by day & Madame Brussels by night

Queen Victoria Market is just a few minutes walk from Melbourne Central Station and it is one of the biggest outdoor/indoor markets in all of Melbourne. Sara, Stefan (Sara’s brother), Madison and I headed to the market one afternoon to check it out. 

It was HUGE! It had so many different sections! Meat, poultry, fish, delicatessen, cheese, fruit & veggies, nuts and dried fruit, clothes, jewelery, and souvenirs! I was so overwhelmed.

I spent the majority of my time shopping for souvenirs as this is the perfect place to pick up some authentic Australian souvenirs. Due to the limited time we had, we werent able to cover the entire market, but I definately would like to go back before heading home to pick up some other things. 

Madame Brussels – Farewell Arthur & Scotty

After hosting Arthur So and Scotty Kerr for the past week, it was necessary that we all have an evening out together in the city. After work on Friday night, the ladies of Canada house suited up and made our way down to Parliment station to head to Madame Brussels. 



The roomies and I (Madison and Clare were also present this evening as well)

Madame Brussels is this really unique bar located on the 3rd floor of a Spagetti restaurant. It is a spin off of Alice in Wonderland. The servers were dressed in very fancy and almost “golf like” uniforms. The ground was covered in fake grass, and the seats were all comparable to park benches. It was very vintage. They also provided blankets since half of the bar is located outside which an outdoor patio. It was so nice to go out with the entire house and just hang out not in Canada House. 


I’d also like to mention that Arthur and Scott were such amazing guests! I really miss having them, and I think all the roomies do as well. You are both welcome back anytime.. if you did enjoy sleeping at Canada House. A little bit of testosterone in the head was needed for sure!

Another great day in Melbourne 🙂

Melbourne Gaol & Eureka Skydeck

Another thing on the Australian/Melbourne bucket list was to go to the Old Melbourne Gaol. Gaol is pronounced like jail… if you didn’t already know that. 

The Old Melbourne Gaol


Home to Melbourne’s oldest prison, historic Magistrate’s Court and former Police City Watch House, Russell Street has been the heart of crime, law and order in Melbourne since the 1840’s.

Most of Australia’s infamous characters, including the iconic bushranger Ned Kelly and notorious gangster Squizzy Taylor have spent time within the walls of this amazing precinct. Today the award-winning tourism attraction is an opportunity to step back in time and walk the road to the gallows in a 19th century prison; or be arrested in a modern-day Police Station and put yourself on trial in court.

Our day (Gia, Haylz, Marise, Insia and I) at the Gaol started off with a mock arresting. We were taken into the prison and treated like criminals. Had to refer to the Sargeant as … “Sargeant” and could not speak otherwise told so. We were put in a female only holding room and the lights were shut off completely. A few shrieks came from our room… 

Afterwards we were allowed to roam around the gaol. This gaol is extremely old, and you can tell by how run down it looks. It makes the experience even creepier when you get to go through the gaol. 


Here is the “exercise” room in the holding area. When the criminals were allowed out of their cells, they were allowed to use this area to walk and socialize with other criminals. Probably planning their way of escape… or their next crime haha.


I should of sent this to my parents, and told them they had to come bail me out of the Melbourne Gaol. That would of been a good tactic for them to come visit me. 


The Gaol has now turned into a Museum. Within each cell, is information about various rules, regulations, and facts on criminals who spent a period of time within this institution. 

I think after seeing this, I am going to always be on my best behaviour – don’t know how I feel about having to stay in one of these things longer than the 3 hours we did. Sam the Saint is back in action for good… #reallybutnotreally

The Eureka Skydeck

The Eureka Skydeck was a spontaneous decision made my Sara V. when we were roaming downtown another afternoon. 


Spontanenity is my middle name. Those decisions always turn out better then the one you put alot of effort planning.


Sara is amazing. I can’t believe I have to say goodbye to her in just over a month. She has really made my experience in Melbourne unforgetable. Can’t wait til she comes and visits Canada again!

Insia, Daniela, Sara and I headed to the Eureka Skydeck in the early afternoon and spent an hour or so gazing out at Melbourne from above. 



In the distance is the MCG – Melbourne Cricket Ground which seats just over 100,00 people. It is one fo the top 10 largest stadiums in the entire world. CRAZY!


On top of the world… okay, not exactly – On top of Melbourne!


Outside in a caged area. The wind is SO strong when you are at such a height. Finding a balance between looking casual while the wind blows your hair and not having your hair cover your face in the picture was such a challenge. I think I nailed it…


This is Australia’s Highest Post Box! 

After the Skydeck we spent the remainder of the afternoon roaming the city. 


My fab roommates. What a beauty view of the city!


After Sara headed home for the afternoon, Insia and I continued shopping. Swarovski was giving away treats in their store. As Insia browsed for jewelery I took advantage of the free snacks. Obviously.


TACO BILLS! This is an older location than the one that I work at! Until today, I haden’t ever seen another Taco Bills in Melbourne! Going to miss this place like crazy when I go back to Canada. Best job ever! Ole’

With time winding down in this beautiful place I call Melbourne – The Bucket List is slowly being accomplished. There are still plenty of things needed to be done, but I feel I have seem alot of Melbourne and done lots of the typical touristy activities!

St Kilda Beach – Marise arrives!

I am the luckiest girl in the world. I just got back from an incredible 2 week trip down the East Coast, my two best friends from Canada had just arrived in Australia, and the one and only Marise arrived in Melbourne as well! Just the right amount of Canadian loving I needed to get me through the rest of time I had in Australia. With probably the largest population of Canadians in Australia being in Canada House (8 Canadians) there was never a dull moment. So much excitement was flooding the house with my friends plannin their East Coast trips as well – made me super jealous, and wanting to do it all over again! I was able to give as much advice as I could, and reccommend the best trips and tours they could do while away! From what I have heard back, they all have enjoyed everything so much.

After picking Marise up from the Newport station we headed back for a night of unwinding and relaxing before a few fun filled days touring around Melbourne. It is crazy to think that I was the tour guide. I feel like a local in Melbourne. For the amount of time I have spent in Melbourne, I feel like I have gotten a good grasp of the city and have visited and seen a big majority of the different areas, suburbs and tourist spots. 

Georgia, Hayley, Marise and I headed to St. Kilda Beach one afternoon to walk along the beach, down the pier and have lunch at Beachcombers. The weather was horrible this day – rainy and cold. But hey! You have to take advantage of everyday you have or you will regret it! 


When we arrived at St Kilda, we headed down the Pier were all the sailboats were docked. As crappy as the weather was, it is still a beautiful area to see. You can see the city skyline in the distance. Unfortunately we were in St Kilda in the afternoon, or we would seen the Penguins who like to come out around dusk to roam around on the rocks. 

Lunch was delicious as per usual. St Kilda’s Beachcomber which looks out on the pier has a $25 lunch deal which includes an entree, main meal and a drink of some sort. Being classy Canadians as we are, we each grabbed a glass of white wine. Dessert was a must as well. Cheeeeeeeesecake is my weakness…


The afternoon then was spent roaming around St Kilda’s to walk off our lunch with the girls and eventually heading back home in the early evening.

St Kilda is such a cute neighbourhood that I insist every tourist in Melbourne must go see. Weather depending St Kilda is full of things to do. Surfing, Paddleboarding, fishing! You name it, St Kilda will probably provide it! St Kilda also has this really cool restaurant on a tram. I didn’t even bother inquiring how expensive it was cause I know it wouldnt be in my budget. 

Great day with the ladies, and many more to come!

In dire need of some canadian lovin’


The day has arrived! The countdown has reached 0!

Georgia and Hayley have arrived and are in my warm embrace! Could not be more excited to see them! It has been just under 4 months since we last were together and it is so nice to finally reunite! 

They are here for a month which means lots of YOLO moments and shenanigans are in order!

Too excited for words! ❤