Something so simple has the ability to bring people together. 


I have the best roommates in all of the lands.

In our group of Canadians, who have been living in Canada House… 4 out of 5 have the chance to celebrate their birthday in Australia. As a October baby I unfortunately am not able to have the same luxury. 

April 9th/12 is my half birthday, and my roommates decided to get me a present in celebration of this half special day!

Thanks Insia & Clare!


North Melbourne Kangaroo’s AFL Team;


Thank you UWO exchange program.

I just want this time to thank the UWO International Exchange Program for this experience. Being on “Mid – Semester Break” here at VU, I have had some time to catch up on school work, blogging, as well as reflect back on my time overseas. Looking back at some of my earliest blogs, it really hit me how much I have done, and how much I have seen. It is incredible to think that I have done so much, and I feel I have matured drastically in only 3 months. It’s crazy to think about all the things I have been through while being away. Remember the time I was robbed of all my belongings in Surfer’s Paradise… It’s comforting to think how fast I was able to recover from that with the help of my family, and my roommate Madison. Things that seem like such a huge deal one moment, turn out to be so miniscule overall. Time heals everything. Don’t stress over the small stuff and YOLO. I have never taken that saying more to heart than I have recently. I only have 2 months left, and I wish that wasnt the case. I would love to stay here until school starts again and experience everything else Australia has to offer, but I can’t. It’ll be a good reason to come back though, and see what I wasn’t able to this time, and experience new things when I am older and wiser. 

Being given this opportunity has opened up my mind to wanting to travel. Before this year, I had only been to Italy, the states and a few places in Canada. The world is a HUGE place with so much out there, and so many things I would love to see. Everywhere provides a different experience, and I can’t wait to have the opportunity to live it all. Australia is the start of a lifetime of travels for me. 

So, once again I would like to send thanks to everyone who has gotten me to where I am right now. The International Exchange Office at UWO & VU, The Kinesiology Department of UWO, my friends, soph team, frosh and most importantly my family. Dad, Mom, SJ, Scott, and I can’t forget about the pets (Bailey, Boston, Benji, Toffee and Tiara) you all ROCK. 

I am a happy panda who has just been diagnosed with the uncurable “Travel Itch.”



The first and only Canada House Warming Party – #popcorn

It’s about time that the Canada House girls threw a party. With the perfect house that we are provided with to host a party, we have seriously been slacking on planning one. With the many birthdays that have occurred in our house, we figured it would be a smart idea to celebrate them like the good ole’ highschool days and have a house party. We invited literally everyone that we knew who was in the Melbourne, Australia region… as well as Shalini 🙂 

The invite list ended up being around 75 people, and I am certain that every single person made an appearance. The house was packed, by various international students, Canadians and auzzies! 

I think it is safe to say that a banging time was had by all! 


red solo cup.