Botanical Gardens – Orchard St. – Sentosa Island – Nanyang Tech Uni

My Singapore checklist is slowly being accomplished day by day and I am so happy! This past weekend (Jan 14-15th) was very relaxing and productive… I know that is a quite contradictory statement but it isnt further from the truth.

Saturday morning we took the MRT to the Botanical Gardens. The BG is an large park with various species of plants, flowers, and animals to be seen.


As we made our way down a narrow path by the water I couldn’t help but notice a black object that way passing through the water just to my left. I looked a little closer, and to my uder surprise and shock it was a Komodo Dragon, or similar species to the Komodo Dragon! There goes my Fight and Flight Response in over drive. Not only have I NEVER seen one of these before in a cage or a secluded, blocked off viewing area, but I was a few metres away from this in its natural habitat! We actually saw the “dragon” first hand attack a fish and kill it to eat. yuck.


Various species of fish and turtles can be found within the Botanical Gardens park. I love turtles so much… the chocolate and the amphibians =)


A small exhibiti which is a also in the BG is the Orchid Gardens. I think I have found myself a new favourite flower. They are absolutally beautiful as they grow quite abundant, and have the more vivid colours.


Within the Orchid Garden I found a piece of wood that reminded me of a face, and more specifically the face of the “Sorting Hat” in Harry Potter. Check this out…


After a long walk through the BG’s it was time for some shopping, and where better than the outdoor and indoor shopping centre called Orchard. I have never seen a bigger and more extensive network of unique stores, cafes, and attractions than I did on this street. The Forever 21 was 4 floors! It was so overwhelming I ended up leaving empty handed.


Next on the agenda was to head to Sentosa Island for a beach party to meet up with my lovely LIANNE PITTS from UWO for the Singapore Exchange students. It was surreal to see her half way across the world! This party was like nothing that I have ever been to before, I have never been to a party where there are people are surfing at the bar, swimming pools all around and a beach at your disposal if you have the urge to go for a little dip. Despite my clothing choice for the evening (didn’t bring a bathing suit), I was still forced/persuaded/volunteered to go for a swim in the Ocean midway through the night. The water was ABSOLUTALLY beautiful, and what a perfect setting and place to catch up with good ole’ Lianne. The night ended off with a 20 pk of chicken nuggets meal, and the funniest cab ride back to Lianne’s University.


Nanyang Technological University is where Lianne is studying for the semester and the campus has a very similar feeling as Western. It is a large one-piece campus with various residences, food centres, and unique shaped buildings which gives it extreme character. If you have also been following Lianne’s blog, you might have noticed her small panic attack about the Hall in which she has been staying in for the last week or so. She is not lying when she says it is comparable to a jail cell. Saugeen is a palace compared to it. Okay, i’m over exaggerating a tad, but compared to the other Halls avaliable, she said she got the short end of the stick. I guess for less than SGP $200 per month, you can’t really complain. With a few decorations, it will feel like home in no time i’m sure 🙂 love you Lannaline. When we finally woke up the next morning after sharing a twin size bed the night before we met up with a few of her friends who are also from Western studying at NTU as well. We went to Canteen 2 which is one of the food areas on campus serving a variety of asian style dishes, drinks, and desserts… mmmm. Never have I ever had a better nutella banada waffle in my life. The food at her Uni is so cheap! A full plate of veggies, rice and chicken for SGP $2.. which is less than 2$ Canadian! I really liked her campus, and could definately see myself being happy studying there!

After spending the day on her campus, planning trips for the future and hanging out in the Global Lounge, Lianne and I spontaneous decided we wanted to go to Clarke Quay to walk around and spend our evening. It only took about 3 different MRT metro lines, 3 buses and a shuttle to make it back to get there but it was so worth it. I had been to Clarke Quay a few days before in the day, but the nightlife is amazing here. Not to mention the weather was absolutally beautiful. As we made our way through Clarke Quay we grabbed some gelato for SGP $6.50. I figure that since I am on “vacation” I am allowing myself to splurge on my desserts and expensive food choices… this may/will catch up on me in the long run I know. May have to hit up the Bank of Daddy eventually 🙂 Overall I am SOO happy that I was able to plan meeting up with Lianne, it has been hard adjusting to being away from UWO, and being able to see a familiar face of someone who is going through the same thing is very helpful. We are planning to meet up again on Thursday afternoon when I get back from my “vacation” to head to a shopping area called Bogis. I can’t wait =)


The last couple days have been nothing short of amazing, I have taken some amazing pictures, and have had some great experiences. I am off to Bintan Island, Indonesia this afternoon until Thursday for a few days of lounging on the beach. The sun in Singapore is extremely hot, and you will burn. I should probably pick up some sunscreen before I leave if I don’t want to be a lobster for the remainder of my trip!

Time for a shower, skype session and I need to pack for my trip away! Catch cha on the flip side peeps! =)


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