Vivocity – Clarke Quay – Chinatown – Marina Bay – Clementi

After a much needed 13 hour sleep to overcome my jet-lag, Justin and myself started our day in Singapore. Our first stop of the day was Vivocity…

Vivocity: One of the main shopping centres located in the heart of Singapore, Vivocity was amazing! The MRT (metro/subway) is directed attached to the mall making it super easy to get here. There were some very similar stores to what we have in Canada, and some that were completelly different. My favourite store however was the National Geographic store. Located inside was a Freeze Chamber, where you could pay $1 SGP to stand inside as the temperature dropped to below -10 degrees celcius with the additon of severe winds  for 1 minute. For many Singaporians, this would be extremely unBEARable, but for myself a Canadian used to extreme temperatures, it was a piece of cake.


As I continued through the mall, I past a set of kiosk/boothes where authentic cultural artifacts and instruments were on display. “CANADA, CANADA, CANADA!” was yelled out at me, when I past one particular booth. Stunned as to how these people guessed I was Canadian, I went up and talked to them. They pointed down to my shirt, and surely enough I was wearing a Molson Canadian tee. Way to not make it obvious that I’m a tourist Samantha…

Clarke Quay: The “downtown” area of Singapore. Many shops, restaurants, bars, and cafes are all centred here.


As soon as we crossed the bridge, I spotted this tall metal structure with a ball attached by two bungy cords. Looked pretty scary and adrenaline pumping… I was so there! For $30 SGP, Justin and I were able to be launched 60metres in the air at 200mph in the GMAX Bungy stunt. It was AMAZING, and definately set the pace for the rest of the day!!!


Chinatown: I have never been to a Chinatown, even in Downtown Toronto, so experiencing a “real” Chinatown for the first time was overwhelming. On a Friday afternoon, this place was packed! Filled with jewerly shops, food markets, clothing booths and decorative pieces, there is something for everyone. I bought a few decorations for my new room in Australia, to remind me of my time in Singapore. Having Justin around was definately beneficial, he is experienced with dealing with the bargaining with the shopkeepers.


Throughout Chinatown, there are also various temples that are beautifully decorated. Before entering you were instructed to take off your shoes, and to cover your legs. I didn’t get the memo about covering my legs, and a worker ensured I leave or cover up. woops!


Something interesting I learned while in Chinatown is it is illegal to bring the fruit below on any form of public transportation. The reason being it gives off an awful smell, and is unpleasant for other customers.


Marina Bay: The second last stop on our day trip was to Marina Bay. From all the pictures that Justin had posted previously I was so excited to see this place myself. The itinerary for Marina Bay included the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark, the ArtScience Museum with included the Titanic 100 year Anniversary Exhibit, and the Merlion.

We met up with a Axel, a swedish exchange student and started our tour. Marina Bay Sands is one of the most expensive hotels/resort/casinos in Singapore averaging around 500$+ a night. It is a very iconic structure as there is a large cruise ship located on top, making it a very distinct landmark in the country.


The SkyPark was so cool. You were able to take an elevator 57 floors up and get a glimpse of the skyline from the boat. It was a panoramic view that can’t be described with words, or even multiple pictures.


The ArtScience Museum with the Titanic Exhibit was a dream come true for me. Titanic is one of my favourite movies of all time, so this was a MUST SEE. No flash photography was allowed inside due to copyright laws (n). It was SPECTACULAR. The artifacts that were discovered from being at the bottom of the ocean for over 70 years were incredible. One piece that really stook out for me was a wallet discovered which was believed to belong to a 56 yr old man from Toronto, Canada. Other facts I learned about the Titanic through this exhibit was they originally had enough lifeboats for the majority of the passengers (32 boats), but very last minute they reduced the number to only 20 for extra space on the ship. I’d say that wasn’t the best idea… I was blown away when I went through the Grand Stairs set. It looks IDENTICAL to the one in the movie where “Rose” walks down. I think I almost cried. I think if I died today, I would be satified since I saw that… don’t worry Dad I promise I will be safe 🙂


The next and final stop at Marina Bay was to see the Merlion. The Merlion is 50% creature and 50% lion. The continuous flow from the lion head symbolizes how Singapore continues to be prosperous. The Merlion has also been referred to as “Singapore’s Statue of Liberty.”


Clementi: After a long day of sightseeing, it was time to head home… but not without a stop at the Clementi Mall to grab some “party needs.” 5 cases of Tiger Beer later, we made it home safe and sound. I can’t wait to start my next couple days in Singapore before we head over to Bintan Island, Indonesia to lounge for a few days! 


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